A Story of Cornwall

Dear St Neot

I was really overwhelmed by the way the children sang tonight.  They were  fantastic!  I have had so many wonderful comments from people this evening - the way the children sounded, how they looked and how they behaved.  It has been a huge pleasure to learn all these songs together and to have such a great group of children to sing them - for the first time in the whole history of Cornwall!  Thank you so much.

I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!  I can’t wait to hear it all again!

Massive thanks to all the staff for such commitment to this project - I hope it has been of good value to you educationally - I have been so impressed by the way you embraced the idea and really went for it. Outstanding support, enthusiasm and cooperation.

 Best wishes


Dear Sam

This is by way of saying a very particular thanks to you for enabling this project to have St Neot School at its very heart.  You are a very inspiring headteacher to staff and pupils alike and you set the bar very high.  There is a wonderful atmosphere in the school and the help and support that I have received from everybody has been outstanding.  Thank you very much indeed for making it all happen - you make a very complex job seem very easy indeed.

Please thank all the staff for the immense amount of hard work and skill that they have put into all of this project.  I will say a much more public thanks in the museum about the role of St Neot School in developing ‘A Story of Cornwall’ where we will be in the company of many VIPs; last night was about one big team of very many parts all pulling together.  Please take this as an interim thanks!

Very best wishes