Advice and updates from January 2021

5th March 2021


Message from Mrs Bowden


Dear Parents and Carers


We are looking forward to welcoming all the children back to school on Monday 8th March.  You should have received a letter detailing all the arrangements for the return to full attendance.  If you haven’t received it or need any information, please let us know. An additional piece of information has been received from the Department for Education since the letter was sent, stating that parents should avoid car-sharing with anyone from outside their bubble.

Our thanks to all of you who have supported children with their learning during this lockdown period, we know it has been a difficult time for many of you juggling home learning and work.  Thanks also to all those who have supported us in school, the many words of thanks, gifts of cake and chocolates have been very much appreciated.


We are changing two more of our INSET dates to allow children who have been remote learning more time for learning in school.  The remaining INSETs this academic year will be on Friday 28th May, Thursday 22nd July and Friday 23rd July.

We break up for Easter on Thursday 1st April and return to school on Monday 19th April.  The school will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday, 3rd May.


We are hoping that if the Covid-19 situation continues to improve that we will have the chance to hold some family events towards the end of the summer term, including the sports evening, the summer play and leavers’ assembly.  We will let you know details nearer the time.


You may be aware that Dee volunteers for Marie Curie fundraising. Usually at this time of year there would be street collections on behalf of Marie Curie.  Obviously, this can’t happen this year so she has been given permission to sell daffodils in school.  If you would like to contribute it would be much appreciated, remember, all money that is raised in Cornwall stays in Cornwall, to support people with terminal illness, and their families.  If you would like a daffodil, please send your donation of at least £1 per pin, in a named envelope and we will send one (or more) home.  Thank you.


Best Wishes

Sam Bowden



Message from Mrs Bowden


We were very pleased to hear the announcement from the Government that all pupils will be returning to school on Monday 8th March. A letter will be sent out next week with all the details you will need, including where to drop off and collect your child. Breakfast and Riverside Club will be open as usual, if you wish your child to attend please make sure they are booked in with plenty of time. Please be aware that attendance at school from 8th March will be mandatory. The latest guidance from the Department of Education and a letter to parents from the Education Secretary are on the school website under the Covid-19 tab.


Our thanks to Mrs Karen Rowe and Mrs Laura Rowe who kindly made donations of £19 each to help us cover the cost of licences for the new donated Chromebooks.


On Thursday 4th March Donna will be cooking pasties to celebrate St Piran’s Day. Meals will cost £2.34 as usual. There will be a choice of Steak or Cheese and Onion pasty with Hevva Cake for pudding.


World Book Day is on Thursday 4th March and we are asking children both in school and at home to dress as their favourite character from a book.


This month’s winner of the 100 Club is number 3.


Attached is an activity sheet from the Church. This is designed to give children something to look out for when they go for a walk around their local area. On the Church website there are some links to Lenten walks around the village.


St Neot Church is holding an Easter Cake decorating competition. Get Ready….. Bake and Decorate! Four categories - family, ladies, men and children under 12. Digital entry and judging. Photos of your superb Easter Cake need to be uploaded onto the village Facebook page by Monday, 29th March. Prizes will be awarded for each section. Cost of entry £2 or donation for children £5 or donation for other categories. Payment through St Neot Primary School, or Fernley at The Manor House. Proceeds in support of St Neot Church.


There have been real signs of Spring this week, the sun has been shining and there are lots of bulbs in bloom. This poem came from the ‘Secret Headteacher’ on social media. It says everything that we are about and gives the plea for common sense in going forward. It is a new future so let us take the children there.


Don’t tell me I’m behind.

Don’t tell me I’ll be held back for ever.

Don’t tell me I need longer at school.

Don’t tell me I’m lost.


Tell me I can do it.

Tell me you’ll help me.

Tell me you believe in me.

Tell me we’ll do it together.

Message from Mrs Bowden




Dear Parents /Carers,

This again has been an extraordinary half term, with many of us being introduced to new forms of technology.  I would like to say very well done to you all for your perseverance, tolerance and patience as we all entered a new form of learning. You have shown resilience and determination to ensure your child/ren continue to develop their skills and understanding across the curriculum.

The staff have certainly shown their commitment and dedication to ensure your child continues to receive high quality learning.  They have all gone out of their way to support the children and families during this unprecedented time. 

Mr Johnson has been an absolute star. He is converting all our old laptops to Google Chrome, which will then make them compatible with Google Classroom. We are currently waiting to know how many are viable as we need to purchase the Google Chrome licence at £19 each. Two of our governors reached out to the community to ask for old laptops that people may have that could be converted to Google Chrome, we have been offered a few which are currently being checked and PAT tested.  In response to this request the community have shown their generosity by supplying us with another six brand new Chrome Books; we will give you more information on this after half term. It is so heart-warming that the community of St Neot always pull together when times are difficult, showing their kindness and support to the school.

I am sure you will agree that it is time for us all to have a little down time.  I suggest that for at least one day next week your child has a whole day without any form of technology and enjoy playing with their other toys, being creative in or outdoors, or just spending time playing a game as a family.

On Monday, 22nd February, 2021 we are expecting an announcement from the Government.  As soon as we have a clear understanding of the expectations for schools we will be able to give you further information. We will continue to open to children of critical workers and vulnerable children after half term. On a Friday we will be finishing at 1pm, and there will be no Riverside, but Nursery will remain open until 3.00pm; this will continue until we open full time to all pupils.  

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy, restful and safe half term break.

Best wishes,

Sam Bowden.



Message from Mrs Bowden


Good Afternoon

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at St Neot School, who are, like you, all trying to juggle so many different aspects of life at one time. I thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.


If you have any concerns or problems please email your class teacher on their class email:

Or alternatively private message them using the private comment box on Google Classroom.


We do understand that at home you are trying your best to ensure that your child is completing the remote learning tasks that are set out daily by your child’s class teacher. I can’t emphasise the importance of these tasks as they are continued learning provision as set out in the National Curriculum. These are progressive lessons, therefore your child will need to complete each lesson.  The teachers are going above and beyond their normal work load to set these tasks, reply to your requests and mark all the work  that is being set, working early in the morning and late into the evening. Please continue to be respectful and patient with them.


Monday 8th March 2021 is the provisional date that the Prime Minister has given for schools to open to all pupils; at St Neot School we are really hoping that this is the case. However, until he sets out his ‘road map’ on Monday 22nd February 2021, we won’t be able to give an exact date for opening.  


Next week is the last week of this half term, then it is the half term break, so well done all, we are nearly there!


I would like to give a huge thank you to Mr Johnson who has given up his time to make our in-school laptops compatible with Google Chrome, and can I also take this opportunity to thank parents/carers for their kind words of encouragement, support and understanding at this time.  Thank you to those parents who have sent small gifts in, these have been gratefully received (and eaten!).


Last night, was the first time in a long time that I felt encouraged by the news that many steps were being made to control the virus. Let’s all hope and pray that the spring will give us a new lease of life.

Take care and best wishes,

Sam Bowden

Message from Mrs Bowden




Dear Parents and Carers

We are delighted to be receiving so much work back from the children who are remote learning. The staff are working incredibly hard to get work marked and returned to you, while also teaching the children that are in school.  Our apologies if marked work is a little late in getting back to you.


If you have any work that you would like to share please send it to Dee at and she will put it on the website.


We do have the heating on in school but we also have to keep rooms well ventilated, so it is cold; children who are in school should wear extra layers please.  For example, girls can wear leggings under their skirts, and PE hoodies can be worn in class.


We have decided to postpone the date of the next INSET to 28th May 2021, therefore the school will be open to vulnerable children and children of critical workers on Friday 12th February.


The decision has been made to not book the residential visit this year, instead we will try to arrange local trips but this will depend on restrictions at the time.  We are looking ahead to booking the residential visit for next year in the hope that by then things will be more normal.


I hope you all have a good weekend.


Sam Bowden


Message from Mrs Bowden




Dear Parents and Carers


Our thanks to all of you who have persevered with home learning this week.  We realise it is not easy but we hope that you are now getting used to it. I’m grateful to all our staff who gave up their weekend last week to set up Google Classroom, there are still parts of it that we are coming to grips with but we feel it is going to be a really helpful tool to aid home learning.


If your child is in school or nursery please remember to send them in with a bottle of water (not Dewey) and a healthy snack.  We are not getting deliveries of milk or fruit at the moment though milk deliveries for under 5’s will resume on 25th January.


Our thanks to Mrs Rich and Mrs Nichols who have given us fruit for the children who have forgotten their snacks, and also brought some treats for the staff which was much appreciated.


If your child is due to start school in September and you haven’t yet sent in your application to Cornwall Council can we remind you that the closing date is today  If you have any questions about your application please contact Dee or myself.


Sam Bowden

8th January 2021


 Message from Mrs Bowden


Dear Parents and Carers


I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.  It has been a strange start to the year, we were all looking forward to everyone being back in school for the start of term on Wednesday, but once again we find ourselves in the position of restrictions. 


The latest Department for Education guidance states:

  • early years settings remain open to all
  • schools open for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers
  • clear requirements for schools to provide high-quality remote education
  • stepping up the digital support to schools and parents
  • working with the UK’s leading mobile network operators to provide free data to key educational sites
  • continued provision of free school meals or food parcels for eligible pupils, whether or not they are attending school.


Under the new lockdown rules we have had over 40% of children in school this week.  After consultation with the local authority and unions we made the decision to ask these children to attend every day, to keep our bubbles safe, ensure stability for the children, flexibility for parents who are critical workers and consistency in children’s learning. The Nursery remains open to all children who wish to attend.


The government has offered mobile data increases to those who do not have fixed broadband or cannot afford additional data for their devices.  If you would like more information about this please contact Dee at


I would like to thank all of you for your understanding and adaptability, I know for many of you the prospect of home schooling once again was difficult.  The staff are working to provide quality home learning which is achievable with parental support.  We will be marking all work that is returned and offering support where needed.


I have been glad to see the sun shining and although it has been cold we have been able to spend time outside with the children that are in school.  I think my favourite activity for outside home learning this week was taking the donkey for a walk!