PSHE has become compulsory in all schools across the country from September 2020, and we will put in place the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships of all kinds.

By making health education compulsory we will ensure pupils are taught about the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, what determines their physical health and how to build mental resilience and well-being. It will also make sure children and young people learn how to recognise when they and others are struggling with mental health and how to respond.

Under the updated guidance, teachers will talk to pupils in an age appropriate way about the features of healthy friendships, family relationships and other relationships they are likely to encounter. 

As well as teaching about the benefits of healthy eating and keeping fit, the new compulsory health education will include content on the prevention of health problems. It will help support the development of qualities such as confidence, resilience, self-respect and self-control. Good quality education on wider social and economic issues will continue to be taught through PSHE or other subjects, for example teaching about financial issues through maths and citizenship.

At St Neot School we will be using the PSHE Association scheme of work to base our teaching on.