Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring the world to our children, which will in turn prepare them to go into the world.
In Physical Education, as in all of our curriculum, we provide exciting and stimulating experiences which challenge and inspire all of our pupils to succeed. We have worked hard to produce a progressive rolling programme of high-quality lessons and extra-curricular activities. A wide range of PE is delivered, with a focus on developing the children's fundamental movement skills and understanding of rules, strategies and tactics. We also ensure that our children have a clear understanding of how PE and school sport are essential in building a strong mental health and a lifelong love of being healthy and active. All children receive 2 hours of high quality PE each week, with additional opportunities for school sport and activities in our after-school clubs. Lessons are taught by our class teachers and sports specialist, as well as external providers for taster days and one-off sessions. 
During PE lessons, our children take part in regular discussions about the need for exercise and the effect that it has on their minds and bodies.  Children also hear this message through the schools work with Healthy Schools,  and through our Jigsaw PSHE curriculum. Children learn, through planned activities, the importance of maintaining a healthy body and life style.  We link PE to our Science lessons and teach about nutrition and the importance of having a balanced diet. 
Our PE Coordinator arranges a sporting calendar, which includes intra-school and local competitions, county competitions and CPD for staff. They work alongside our Year 6 Sports Crew, who are so important in inspiring the younger children to lead healthy, active lives. They also help with PE surveys and to discuss how they would like to see the PE and Sport Premium budget spent.
Our children have the opportunity to partake in a sports After School Club, for five weeks every half term. We offer a wide range of clubs throughout the year, such as cookery, hockey, cross-country, football, dance and gymnastics. Our children in Dewey Class, participate in Balanceabilty, as part of our wider curriculum offer. 

In addition, our playground markings and equipment give the children opportunities for active brain-breaks and lunchtimes. We are fortunate to have two playgrounds, a climbing frame, Lottery-funded gym equipment, trim trail and a large playing field. 

We are also part of a wider network, Arena. This enables us to add to the P.E, sport and well-being opportunities available to our pupils and staff.