At St Neot, we feel that swimming is an imperative life skill and so we take Year 3 - Year 6 swimming annually. In 2023, we will also take our Year 1 and 2 class, as we really want all of our children to feel confident and competent in the water from an early age.


Our KS2 children swim in the Autumn Term. Their sessions last for 1 hour and the groups are split between learners, those improving their technique and the more able who work on stamina, refining technique and trickier lifesaving skills.


As of October 2022;

  • 54 (98%) children swam across KS2
  • 67% of Year 6 can swim 25m in at least 3 different strokes
  • 33% of Year 6 can swim 10m but not 25m
  • 56% of all KS2 children swim to government's standard (25m)
  • 11% of all KS2 children swim beyond government's standard (at least 50m)
Our Year 5 and 6 children are able to spend focused time on survival skills and spend a day developing their open water awareness by participating in surfing at Fistral Beach.