Music is a universal language which inspires creativity, self-expression and a strong sense of community. Within our music curriculum, pupils have opportunity to listen, compose, perform and evaluate. They will explore the history of music and learn about the inter-related dimensions, developing appropriate musical vocabulary. Children and staff enjoy every opportunity to lift voices in song and participate in hymn/ singing practice each week. Pupils enjoy showcasing their musical talents through regular performances to the school community.

We further develop our music curriculum by having strong links with the Cornwall Music Service Trust and the Cornwall Music Hub.  The children have the opportunity to undertake lessons in: guitar, keyboard, piano, drums and woodwind instruments.  We also have an active choir club.

Some of the events our children have participated in, include:

  • Performance in the Royal Cornwall Museum
  • Concerts for Harvest and Christmas held in the local churches (these include Nursery children)
  • Concert in Carnglaze Caverns
  • Singing with the Loveny Male Voice Choir
  • Performances with the local Secondary School
  • Choir visits to Age Concern
  • Samba Events

Our Golden Threads

In music, we become citizens of the world by exploring a wide variety of music from around the world and throughout history.

We support lifelong learning by developing a love and appreciation of a wide range of rich and culturally diverse music.

We prepare for later life by developing knowledge, skills and techniques which allow us to express ourselves through musical ways.