Art & Design and Technology

Our Art and Design curriculum allows pupils to nurture their creativity. Pupils will be inspired by the work of artists/craftspeople throughout history and from different cultures. This experience will inform their own ideas. They will create 2D art, such as drawing, painting and printing, and 3D projects, including sculpture and collage. They will develop their understanding of colour, form, line, pattern, shape, texture and tone within their work. Throughout this process, they will learn to evaluate and think critically.
In Design and Technology, pupils will investigate, design, make and evaluate products that solve real-life problems. There are six strands within our curriculum: cooking and nutrition; mechanical systems; textiles; electrical systems; structures and the digital world. Across these strands, pupils will use a range of increasingly sophisticated tools, materials and processes, developing their technical understanding. They will apply skills from mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art and will be encouraged to problem solve, think critically, use their imaginations and innovate.
The children are proud of their creations and take part in exhibitions at both St Neot Show and Liskeard Show.

Our Golden Threads

In Art & Design Technology we become citizens of the world by exploring a wide variety of art forms from around the world and throughout history.

We support lifelong learning by developing a love and appreciation of a wide range of rich and culturally diverse art forms.  

We prepare for later life by developing knowledge, skills and techniques which allow us to express ourselves as individuals.